Jane Hudson

"The difference at the heart of perception is an ontological one between genesis (of the world, ever-renewed) and functioning (in the world, always again): worlding and recognition, in a mutually sustaining rhythm."

Brian Massumi, "Parables of the Virtual" 2002

“Vegas” is a non-linear assemblage of ‘painted’ segments of video footage shot driving along the wooded banks of the Jamaica Pond in summer. By disrupting the directional flow of the images and superimposing them on one another, a state of trance-like visuality is induced. The outlines of features of land and light are enhanced by the applied color and line creating a moving abstraction.

The title for the video piece, “Vegas”, is taken from the name of a filter in Adobe AfterEffects that I used to ‘paint’ the images. In addition, the work includes images created in Lightwave 3D, and the piece is edited on Final Cut Pro using Mac OSX.
The audio composition is written by my husband, Jeff Hudson, noted musician and visual artist.