Jane Hudson's Photographs

I am taking pictures of aspects of the land in the Northern Berkshires as a way to identify a quality I am experiencing as a newcomer to the area. Clearly, there have been many interpretations of the glories of the mountain landscape, and I too wish to touch on some of that same awe-inspiring, almost transcendent quality that’s embodied here. At the same time, I do not wish to present the land as picturesque, as if were lying out there waiting to entertain us. Instead I am hoping to capture the embedded power in it, the dark places where it cannot be fully revealed, but where it still expresses something of its original integrity.
I use a sepia tint to bring up a sense of history, or more specifically, a memory that lingers through photo technology wherein early photography might have depicted similar images in a more unmediated time. I also use vintage frames to further enhance that sense of a time gone past, but whose fragments continue to be available to us in the present.

Cabin, 2007

Logs, 2006

Turn in the Road, 2006

Textile Mill, 2006

Falls, 2006

Forest, 2006

Cascade Wall, 2006

Green River, 2006

Mountainview, 2006

Silo, 2006

Orchard, 2006

Abandoned, 2006

Old Factory, Mass MoCA, 2007

Summit View, 2006

Cider Mill, 2006

Hoosic River, 2006

Barn, 2006

Rail Bridge, 2007

Birch, 2007

Morning, 2006

Pond, 2007

Flower Pot, 2007

Friends Meeting House, 2007

Haflinger Portrait, 2007

Haflinger Family, 2007

Racine's Farm, 2007

Logs II, 2007





from Ethel Wilder's scrapbook


George C. Edwards, great-grandfather


George, Mary and unknown women (Ruth, Phyllis?)


George fishing


Baseball game (Horace played)


Horace Edwards at bat (?)


Clarence Edwards


Clarence and Horace


Brothers, George Jr., Horace and Clarence


Horace, swimmer


Horace, rower


Horace, strongman


Ethel Edwards, rower



Ethel, band memeber


Ethel and friends


At camp


Williams Edwards' shop in Australia?