Jane Hudson, Artist's Statement: 2004

I have been working in video since 1972. From that time my concerns have evolved from '70's narcissism (Rosalind Kraus so kindly labeled the performative work of that period as a way to relegate it to childish activity). In much of my early work I acted as performer in front of the camera as a way to find my place in the ubiquitous medium of Television. This was not only an autobiographical exploration but also a poetic or metaphorical expression of an individual woman within the wider context of media representations. I was not so much interested in "finding myself" as in using my body and voice to create a personal mythology within the context of the electronic field.

The technology of video, its capacity to render psychological spaces, imaginative landscapes has always been at the root of my investigations. Whether I am there as image/voice, or find surrogates from the Media or from my own visual language, I have been committed to the depiction of a layered consciousness. I do not believe in the simplicity of representation, its indexical relation to the perceived world. Rather, the notion of parallel planes of existence, of simultaneous realities is of endless fascination to me. Although I consider the basic thrust of my work to be quite serious, that is, addressing complexities of perception and identity, I have always been suspicious of ideological or philosophical certainty. For this reason there is often an ironic or humorous, even ridiculous, balancing within the work. This approach gives a certain fluidity or instability to the meanings I suggest, and leaves open a gap from which a question may arise. This question provokes a responsibility in the viewer, a need to stand between polarities and hold contradiction.

I began my video practice in analog technology (I worked in this format for 25 years!). Over the past five years I have been honing my skills in the digital arena. At present I am using Mac-based programs, Final Cut Pro, Adobe AfterEffects, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash and Lightwave 3D to process my images. I have been making pieces for single-channel, installation and Web contexts.